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  • Kalibrius LM-180 - wrapping machine

Kalibrius LM-180
Kalibrius LM-180

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Brand: Kalibrius

BD (BluRay), DVD, CD, etc. Manual, 200 packs per hour. "Envelope" type of packing.

Machine can pack:

  • BD (BluRay) discs
  • DVD "Amarey": slim 7.5 mm, slim 9 mm, 15 mm
  • DVD "Super Jewel" 10 mm
  • CD "Super Jewel" 10 mm
  • double CD
  • soap
  • cigarettes
  • etc

External digital indication and temperature control, adjustment of cutting wire heating duration, an automatic maintenance of temperature in prescribed limits, indication of machine heating. The machine is dependable and not difficult in operation.

The quality of the packing depends on operator’s skill. As a rule two hours is enough in order operator could start to work on machine pretty confidently. Machine’s capabilities and operator’s qualification allows to get a high quality of the packed box without an additional thermo shrink. The DVD containing video film with instruction on operation is applied to the machine.

Having installed on machine a tear tape dispenser (which is sold separately) you can pack articles with tear tape. The tear tape is unwound simultaneously with polypropylene film and automatically sticks to it. So, use of this option does not draw operator’s attention away from process and does not complicate his operation.

Packing samples


Productivity 200 packs per hour
Envelope shaping manual
Cutting-off of the film automatic
Temperature range 40…200 0С
Temperature stability ± 2 0С
Electric power supply for the thermo electric heater and cutting wire 18…24 Volts
Film type biaxial oriented polypropylene
Film thickness 20…35 micrometers
Maximal width of roll 235 mm
Maximal roll diameter 370 mm
Internal roll diameter 76 mm
Mode of operation twenty-four-hour
Type of packing envelope
Dimension, L * W * H 450 * 295 * 152 mm
Dimension in package 480 * 300 * 130 mm
Weight netto/brutto 7,9 / 8,3 kg
Power consumption 100 Watts
Maximal consumpted current 0.74 A

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I’d like to have such a machine in my warehouse! Top-class! Really need this!
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I ordered one and if I like it, I shall take one more.
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Dependable and simple.
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It is not clear how it is possible to pack 200 pieces per hour, but all our office tried to pack single disc for 1 hour!
George (Kalibrius)
We attach to our machines a DVD showing how to work on the machine and full-color user guide (provided if only you bought it from us, but not used machine without user guide). We can assume that it would be better to see some nuances of packing in our office. So, if you really want to pack 200 (and even up to 250) packages per hour (provided that you really want to) - you are welcome! We shall show it you with a stopwatch in hand.
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The price is a bit cool, although the machine is done carefully and professionally. In conditions of recession in demand for video/audio products they might lower prices a little...
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Is there something cooler than this machine? Because it looks like something stupid, like an old typewriter
George (Kalibrius)
As for «cooler», we have semi-automatic machines. Yes, it is your own opinion how it looks like and I respect it, I will not argue with it. But the machine is quite convenient, reliable, made secure and copes with the task.
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I live in Romania, how is it possible to order it? Will it be possible to send it by mail?
Nick (Kalibrius)
The easiest way is the following. You transfer money via any payment system and then we send machine to you by the next shipping companyes: UAB "Stalker Group", JSC Baltic Spedition, UAB "Multitransas".
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I need the figured tape. How to get this? And is the heating element very hot? Because we want to pack a soap. Will it not be melted?
George (Kalibrius)
To ensure that the tape has your figure you have to order on the factory a special tape with a pattern. Yes, the heating element is hot, but we have a lot of customers who bought both hand and semi-automatic machines for soap packing. If when primary sticking and envelope sticking you will not keep the film for too long time then the soap will not be melted down.
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Hello! I would like to buy LM-180 and dispenser, packing film and tear tape. How much does all this cost? I’m from Bucharest, Romania, how much does the transport cost and how long it takes. How can I pay? After cargo arrives here or to bank account?
George (Kalibrius)
Yes, you can pay to bank account. Total sum is 724 €, delivery cost by our forwarding company is 200-300 €. DHL delivery will cost you 834 euro, and UPS will cost 433 euro. Or you can find some conductor of Moscow-Bucharest train and ask him to deliver this equipment to you.
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Hello I need this machine , Exactly the machine in the Video , LM-180. And the tear tape and the film. How much the price ? plus shipping costs to Turkey. Thank you
Yuriy (Kalibrius)
Yes, we can send you this machine, tear tape and film to Turkey. The LM-180 price is 461€, BOPP film is 5.16 €/kg, tear tape is 33 €. So, in order to calculate the full price, we need to know exact quantity of film and tape. To calculate the shipping costs, we need your city and zip code. Please send your further questions to my e-mail
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