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  • Wide possibilities of Kalibrius packing machines

As a rule, while accessing our website and considering the range of our equipment (CD/DVD/BD duplicators, discs printers and packaging machines) visitors imply that our packaging machines can wrap exclusively CD/DVD/BD discs.
But it is not exactly. On Kalibrius packaging machines, both manual and semi-automatic ones, you can pack a huge number of different items unrelated to the disks.

Large number of customers addresses to us daily and each has his own vision how his item should be packed (seam or envelope type, with a tear tape or without it, etc), what productivity should it have, and how good should packaging look... And, based on all these requirements and wishes, our managers choose for clients one or another type of equipment that is most suitable for the needs and expectations of clients. To date, we have helped a large number of clients to resolve their issue with an envelope or seam packaging of their products.

And, having gained a valuable experience, our company can recommend various models of our packaging machines depending on size of the packed item and required output. For example: if it is necessary to pack from time to time a small quantities (up to 300 – 400 packs per day) of boxes without shrinking, having sizes like a chocolate or a soap bar, a pack of puzzles, in this case LM-180 manual machine is suitable for wrapping of such items in a small batches.

Below is a summary table of the performance and applicability of Kalibrius packing machines, depending on size of the packed object, the need for tear tape option and the required output.

Model Production name Tear tape Wrapping type Thermoshrink Productivity per hour
Playing cards, cigarettes, baby crayons, CD/DVD, soap and other small boxes + envelope - 150-200
Cosmetics, perfumes, paper napkins (25 - 100 pcs), other small boxes requiring high quality packaging - envelope - 60-80
Candy, cookies, playing cards, tea boxes (25 and 50 bags), herbal mixtures (100 - 350 grams), paper napkins, CD/DVD, cigarettes and other small boxes + envelope + 200-250
Candy, tea (100 and 200 bags), herbal mixtures (400 - 700 g), cakes and other medium size boxes + envelope + 150-200
Magazines, books, candy, tea, herbal mixtures (1-2 kg), cakes and other large size boxes + envelope + 100-150
PA-500 Spec
Candy, cookies, playing cards, tea boxes (25 and 50 bags), herbal mixtures (100 - 350 grams), paper napkins (25 - 100 pcs), CD/DVD, cigarettes and other small boxes + envelope + 450-700

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