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  • Why do they buy from us...

On the basis of our conversation, you perhaps will change your mind to buy the equipment at all...
  • We always talk about all unpleasant sides of any product. This is our internal law: "It is better to let the visitor to leave without purchase, rather than he buy an equipment not satisfying his needs and then he will reproach us or assert claims against us";
  • We never advise an equipment on the principles "we will do everything in order client to buy from us", "to sell the more expensive equipment" or "please buy immediately spare parts to keep in stock ".

Equipment, consumables, spare parts are always available...
  • As a rule the weakness of the majority of firms is the lack of spare parts, and service support sometimes. This is not a problem for our company. Anyone can immediately purchase from us spare parts for the supplied equipment without reservation and further expectations.
    We have available almost 100% of the necessary spare parts.

Our warranty terms are known in advance...
  • To remove any misunderstandings and for full awareness of customers you can find at our website the warranty terms for all equipment and will be able to get familiar with it beforehand. Моre...

Service manuals and user manuals for all equipment in English language...
  • What is important to consumers, we constantly revise our manuals based on operation of equipment, based on our customers experience, mistakes, successes and failures. For the technically trained clients we have service manuals to assist them in the repair and maintenance.

We try to reveal the technical characteristics of the sold products...
  • The website contains a lot of related information, which is interesting for the visitors. Such information helps to understand the principle of operation of the device and consequently to avoid the mistakes of its operation.
  • We do not think about technical self-education - we are living it every day. And if we learn something new, we share it with our customers. Many people are interested in it and need it. For example, look at the principle of the thermal print head operation.

We are technicians...
  • The trust to firm, which employs developers of electronic and mechanical equipment, in addition to its own manufacture, is immeasurably higher. What do you think? Sometimes we come to our clients help, we manufacture spare parts that have already been taken out of production by other firms.

We are developers and manufacturers of our own and not bad equipment...
  • Who develops and manufactures serial products knows what the costs and difficulties are waiting for the firm stepping on this hard way. Unfortunately for us, for different reasons not all our ideas see the light. But our serial products meet the customer's needs for quality and reliability.

All in one place
  • Consumer gets in one place everything from consulting and sales to service. At the client's request we will tell about new developments and show prototypes. Thus, the customers can plan their production relying upon our new products.

Delivery and shipping to Europe and along Russian Federation
  • This service is not surprising to anyone now. We just have it since 1988 and this is convenient for consumers.

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