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  • Warranty document for packing machines
    LM-180, TS-200, TS-380, KC-230

An order of reclamation. Warnings.

Our packing machines are equipment intended for commercial (professional) use. So it is not covered with any article of the «Law on consumers’ rights protection» and we have a right to establish any guarantee terms within the scope of Russian Federation Civil Code.

Be attentive and accurate because equipment is sealed with warranty stickers and it will not be repaired on warranty if the stickers are broken.

Warranty applies to the equipment if rules set forth below are strictly observed.

Warranty for packing equipment is 12 months since sale date or 500 thousands items depending on what will occur earlier.

You should not open, tune, repair or modify this equipment by yourself.

Within the warranty period vendor commits oneself to repair or replace for free all parts and units having hidden or manufacturing defect. An enclosure of the warranty document is obligatory.

Routine change of parts subject to tear and wear such as nichrome wire and safety fuse is considered as common operating expenses. It is necessary to take into account that normal tear and wear makes necessary to carry out prophylactic measures that are not considered as a warranty package.

Warranty does not apply to the consequences caused by wrong or negligent exploitation, wrong electrical connection, wrong storage or transportation as well as by force majeure circumstances, natural disaster or nature factors.

Present warranty is not valid if serial number is changed, erased or not readable.

We do not accept reclamations in the presence of mechanical damages, sticker rupture and attempt of unauthorized repair.

Warranty obligations are fulfilled strictly in Moscow, transportation is for customer’s account.

When sending equipment to warranty or post-warranty repair it is necessary to specify malfunction character in a written form maximally fully and precisely, as well as attendant circumstances such as in how much time the malfunction is appeared, always or at times, with what periodicity, on what boxes etc. Also it is necessary to apply 10 samples on which the malfunction became apparent. Most complete information will allow us to repair it faster and in a higher quality.

It is necessary to pass machine us for maintenance in a full packing material. An absence of packing material is considered as a violation of transportation terms.

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