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Packing machines (LM-180, TS-200, TS-380, KC-230, PA-500)

Service centre works since 1995 and is equipped with up-to-date equipment, instruments, tests, service manuals and technical bulletins of equipment manufacturers.

Electronics and mechanics specialists are engaged in service centre. They render services on repair, adjustment and preventive maintenance of all equipment we manufacture and sell.

As a rule all works are conducted in a minimal terms but depending on workload and spare parts availability this term may be elongated. Still overwhelming majority of necessary parts is always available what is especially valuable for our clients.

If within warranty period your appliance fails it will be repaired free of charge, provided that it was bought directly from us. Warranty term and conditions are specified in warranty service coupon.

In all other cases you can avail yourself of our service centre for payment.

When cancelling the repair the cost of technical inspection from 20 to 40 USD is collected from the customer.

Warranty period for our services is:
  • In case of warranty repair the warranty period is elongated for number of days when equipment was in repair
  • In case of post-warranty repair the warranty for replaced parts and repaired malfunction is 30 calendar days
Attention! Preventive maintenance is not included into warranty. Since our machinery is intended for commercial use the necessity of preventive maintenance as a rule comes prior to the expiration of the warranty term.

When preventive maintenance the spare parts cost is paid separately.

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